A Medea and Gilda Radner love child, Amber Dow always had the makings of an actress.  Emotional, passionate, empathetic, perfectionistic, inquisitive, and driven, she naturally studied people and their inner workings, fascinated by the human mind and its ability to manipulate behavior through past programming. 

Acting has allowed all of her qualities/neuroses to work together as a dysfunctional whole to make people laugh, cry, and, most importantly, understand our fellow humans from all walks of life.

A dancer since 3, singer since 4th grade choir, it was a failed 8th grade basketball tryout that drove Amber to audition for the school play, Murder At Coppersmith Inn and win a leading role as a volatile over-the-hill actress, something she hopes to never become.  She continued performing in high school, community, and professional theatres in her hometown of Palatine, Illinois (45 minutes NW of Chicago) culminating in her winning the Goodman Theatre Shakespeare Competition as a senior. 

The addiction continued at the prestigious Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, where, in her senior year, she was chosen to perform at the New League Auditions in NYC and earned 5 episodes on the hit soap All My Children.

After 2 years performing in Chicago post graduation and receiving rave reviews for her performance as Dainty June in Bailiwick Repertoryís production of Gypsy directed by David Zak, she returned to the Big Apple, this time to stay.  Favorite Northeast credits include:  the New York Music Theatre Festival's production of Camille as well as Rita LaPorta in The Lucky Stiff, both here in New York; and Lorraine Sheldon in The Man Who Came to Dinner and Suzanne in Donít Dress For Dinner at Northern Stage in Vermont.  Many regional theatre shows and tours later, she is now concentrating on continuing to build her New York work and training in TV, Film, and Theatre.  Check her resume to view her progress.

While working at Estee Lauder in their Corporate Fragrance Development Department she used her vacation days to become a fixture in households across America as the costumed character Logoman on the Nick@Nite show, the Nick@Nite Road Crew.

Aching to act full-time once again, she now works in Clinique PR in an actorís dream job  working when she can but taking off whenever she needs to for auditions, rehearsals and acting jobs. 

In other words, Amber is en fuego, a force to be reckoned with, so follow her work and youíre sure be taken for an exciting ride on the A train!