Prospect Theater Company
New York, NY

“'They don't write musicals like they used to'... it turns out that isn't quite right. In this case, 'they' — Susan DiLallo, book; Peter Mills, lyrics; Stephen Weiner, music; Christine O'Grady, choreography — certainly do…”

“There's only one way to play this kind of stuff: unabashedly. And the cast of this Prospect Theater Company production does…”

-Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times-

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“Iron Curtain also boasts a talented and tireless seven-person ensemble that changes roles and costumes with the best of them.”

“And, to all you commercial producers and moneymen out there: pick these two up pronto. Give them the bigger, broader exposure they clearly deserve.”

-Michael Criscuolo,

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“The ensemble of seven, many of them alumni of other Peter Mills/Prospect productions, fill up the stage with an abundance of charm and energy and beautifully pull off Christine O'Grady's Berkley-esque choreography.”

“It is comforting to know that while Broadway seems overwhelmed with spectacle shows and vanity productions, Prospect Theatre Company continues to produce well-written, intelligent, and fun original musicals for a much friendlier price. If you want to see the future of American theatre, head over to the West End Theatre.”

-Jena Tesse Fox,

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“What it does have is a deliciously ditzy book by Susan Dilallo, song after melodic song by Stephen Weiner with devilishly clever lyrics by Peter Mills. And talent galore to sing and dance up a storm without any amplification.”

-A CurtainUp Review-

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“If it forgets to be funny in the second act, it’s just a momentary (and necessary) break to indulge in some sweet romance and a welcome pause that lets the audience catch its breath after all the laughing.”

“…when all’s said and done, Iron Curtain comes out smelling like a nice, Red rose.”

-Aaron Riccio, New Theatre Corps, Theatre Talk-

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“In an impressive array of talent and material, Iron Curtain easily sweeps its audience off its feet with a comic tale of two struggling playwrights who are forced to perform in communist Russia.”

-Melanie Gretchen, Show Business Weekly-

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Bailiwick Repertory Theatre
Chicago, IL

“…Amber Dow as the sunny June is pure joy as Rose’s youngest. An actor with a marvelous voice and great comic delivery, she captivates every time she’s onstage.”

-Tim Sauers, Gay Chicago Magazine-

“The three other central roles are well cast and played:…Amber Dow as June, the beautiful, talented blond daughter who escapes Rose’s tentacles…”

-Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune-

Northern Stage
White River Junction, VT

“Amber Dow was well cast as the sultry bed-hopping actress and her performance…proved quite funny.”

-Jim Lowe, The Sunday Rutland Herald-

“…Amber Dow, playing the fading actress Lorraine Sheldon…emotes with dramatic gestures, shrill speech and hilarious body actions.”

-Ella Reney, Connecticut Valley Spectator-


Northern Stage
White River Junction, VT

“…Amber Dow as the second Suzy has plenty of comedic skills.”

-Ella Reney, Connecticut Valley Spectator-

Wagon Wheel Theatre
Warsaw, IN

“Amber Dow, who is making her debut at the Wagon Wheel this summer, is outstanding as Rizzo. The opening night audience loved her rendition of “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” and “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.”

-Jeri Seely, the PAPER-


Wagon Wheel Theatre
Warsaw, IN

“Rod Thomas and Amber Dow gave notable performances as Fagin and Nancy. Thomas’ comic rendition of “Reviewing the Situation” and Nancy’s mournful “As Long As He Needs Me” were as good as it gets.”

- Jodee Shaw, The Goshen News-

Wagon Wheel Theatre
Warsaw, IN

“If there ever was a cruel stepmother, Amber Dow breaks the mold. She carries herself as if the world is hers to command... Excellent performance.”



Arundel Barn Playhouse
Arundel, ME

“In the song “Rock the Boat”, Dow rocks the theatre with a soulful voice that I was surprised didn’t rattle the theatre seats.”

-Jennifer Hagan, York County Coast Star-


Arundel Barn Playhouse
Arundel, ME

“Amber Dow is fascinating, intense and satiric as Buffalo Bill’s all-around handywoman Dolly.”

-Joe Mauro, The Summer Beacon-